Organic to Green

Organic for body, green for planet. I love everything about this beauty brand and I think you'll love it too! 


Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share my thoughts on Organic to Green, a brand that I absolutely love. They were so kind to send me this amazing package of products that I'll be talking about today; (thank you so much O2G)!

If you read the post about my favorite natural products, then you already know that I love the arctic moisturizer and rainforest scrub. Here, I'm going to focus on the best-selling coco oils. (And of course my ultimate favorite hand sanitizer).

These products are beautifully packaged and made with high-quality, organic ingredients. They're perfect for anyone and any occasion; you'll never run out of ways to incorporate these in your daily routine. Check out these 25 ways to use them!

Product Overview

These are pure, organic coconut oils that stay in liquid form - no jars, no spills. They're formulated with botanical extracts and essential oils that nourish and heal. 

Versatile, travel-friendly, easy to use.

Why They're Amazing

I love the philosophy behind these products - you can use them alone or mix them with anything you already have to make the treatment more beneficial. Also, the ingredients are wonderful. If I were to go out and buy ingredients that I believe to be healing for my skin, these coco oil blends already include them + more. These are the perfect all-in-one products with an excellent shelf life.

Skin Types

Because they're gentle, light-weight, and fast absorbing, they work for any skin type, even mine which is sensitive. 

Coco Oils

I'm going to talk about 4 of the 6 in this blog post: rose, jamine ylang ylang, vanilla chamomile, and ginger. They also have a lemon and non-scented version available. 

Rose + Anti-Aging

The key ingredients are coconut oil, rose fruit oil, vitamin e, and sunflower seed oil. It's great for reducing scars, fine lines, and correcting dark spots. The rose coco oil protects and hydrates the skin, contains antioxidants, and is antibacterial.This one is recommended as a nice evening treatment - cleanser or serum booster. 

I really love the smell of this oil. I like to mix this with my face wash. 

Jasmine Ylang Ylang + Hydration

The key ingredients are coconut oil, Icelandic moss, watermelon fruit extract, green tea extract, vitamin e, and sunflower seed oil. It protects, soothes, and moisturizes the skin while providing antioxidants and reducing redness. It also improves aged or stressed skin. This one is recommended to be mixed with the rose oil for a night serum or mixed in with makeup for a dewy glow. 

This is the first coco oil I tried and I love it. It has a calming scent and I used it to shave. It left my skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. 

Vanilla Chamomile + Sensitive & Soothing

The key ingredients are coconut oil, chamomile, aloe, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil, and calendula. It hydrates, soothes, moisturizes, and heals sensitive skin. It's great for treating dandruff, psoriasis, acne, sunburn, and aging. This one is recommended to use in the afternoon as a makeup remover. Also to calm redness, inflammation, stress, and even menstrual cramps. 

I love using this one before I wash my face. It removes makeup so easily and feels really good on the skin. I spend a few minutes massaging it in. 

Ginger + Healing

The key ingredients are coconut oil, ginger, sea buckthorn, cherimoya, aloe, vitamin e, and sunflower seed oil. This coco oil heals, hydrates, soothes, and protects the skin. It helps reduce scars, promotes hair growth, reduces cellulite, treats dandruff, and is great for abrasions or sunburns. It has antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. This is recommended to be mixed with the lemon coco oil for sensitive areas, such as a burn. It's also great for rashes. 

This is my favorite coco oil and I use it everyday as a moisturizer after washing my face. It smells so gingery and I love it.  

Hand Sanitizer Clean

The key ingredients are coconut oil, lavender oil, and lemon peel oil. You can shake this up and spray it on anything!

I use this to clean my skin care dishes when I make products and I especially love using it on my hands throughout the day. It feels and smells very clean. This is a top favorite of mine. 

Final Thoughts

I love the blends, botanical properties, and aromatherapy benefits of these products. They're very high quality, organic, multi-purpose, cruelty-free, and thoughtfully created. I think the ingredients and combinations are lovely, and overall the brand is ethical, environmentally conscious, and 10% of all proceeds go towards climate change. I highly recommend everything they offer. 

Where To Buy

Organic to Green products are currently being sold on the Ulta Beauty website!

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Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you try these products for yourself! Xoxo