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Afternoon Finds

Afternoon Finds

A sweet little haul from Wednesday afternoon - thoughts, shops, and great deals! Happy summer everyone!


Soothe Your Soul • Hermosa Beach, CA

I heard about this beautiful store through a friend a few months ago and finally set aside some time to stop in! It's absolutely beautiful and so much fun to look around. If your located in or near South Bay Los Angeles, I highly recommend checking it out. You can find anything ranging from crystals to natural beauty product ingredients. It's awesome. 


This is a scoop of coarse sea salt- I purchased a 24 oz. container for less than $5.00 and will be making many scrubs with it!

Sardonyx Tumbled $1.00 - Sardonyx is a stone associated with protection, strength, happiness, good fortune, and integrity. Black sardonyx is known to absorb negativity. 


Moonstone Tumbled $0.50 - Moonstone is associated with feminine energy, protection, intuition, love, peace, abundance, and inspiration. 


I'm so happy with these purchases and will definitely shop here again!

Farmers Market • Hermosa Beach, CA

Any farmers market is always a good stop. We found awesome prices on delicious, fresh fruit and more!

Wild Flower Honey $7.00 - This honey is sweet and so delicious. Harris Family Apiaries has a few different versions of honey to choose from and can be purchased online here. I also purchased this bar of yellow beeswax for $1.50 and I'm so excited to use it in my products! I'm not sure how often they participate in this farmers market, but they're based in Pomona, CA and I definitely recommend their honey if you happen to find them!

That's all for this haul! Thank you for taking a moment to check it out!




Coconut Olive Lotion Bars

Coconut Olive Lotion Bars