Simple Hair Wash

Nourish your strands with this simple, cost-effective, and clean natural shampoo and conditioner.


We all want beautiful hair. There's always a better product out there than the last thing we tried, promising us shiny, silky, smooth, thick, healthy hair. Sadly, a lot of our favorite products contain harsh and harmful chemicals.

Making the switch to a natural hair care routine can seem difficult. But, you'll never know that simple, all-natural shampoo and conditioner really work until you give them a patient try.

Why It's A Good Alternative

Clean ingredients. Plain and simple.

What I Use

Dr. Bronner's Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Shampoo Storage Bottle

Spray Bottle

How I Make Natural Shampoo

Depending on the size of shampoo bottle I'm using, I add 3-parts castile soap, 1-part vegetable glycerin, and a splash of water.

Dr. Bronner's has a whole array of scented and unscented liquid castile soap made with organic oils such as coconut, olive, hemp, and jojoba. They're free of synthetic preservatives, foaming agents, and detergents, making them a clean substitute.

Castile soap is much thinner and more liquidy than what most of us are used to, and you'll notice that it doesn't lather the same. I use vegetable glycerin as a thickener, which comes from plant oils, and water for an extra touch of dilution.

How I Make Natural Conditioner

I fill a small spray bottle (about 4-6 oz.) with water and add 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is a multi-purpose remedy that can be used for things like pH balance, weight loss, indigestion, oral hygiene, and of course, hair care! It's able to cleanse deeply, combat frizz, and increase shine. Apple cider vinegar can also repair damaged strands and help the hair grow.

Since it's strong, you don't need very much of it in your solution. Also, don't worry about your hair smelling bad after you wash it with this. It doesn't leave an after-scent!

How I Use Them

I always brush through my hair before getting in the shower. After it's wet, I lather a few pumps of shampoo into my hands and then massage it into my roots. After rinsing it out, I spray the conditioner throughout my hair and let it sit for about two minutes before a final rinse.

What You Should Know

Using natural, homemade shampoo and conditioner might not feel luxurious at first. But, they'll leave your hair clean and it gets better over time.

When I first made the switch, I just used shampoo. Sometimes it left my hair with a slightly oily residue and frizzy as can be. I read in some places that this is normal. But, my hair felt and looked much better after I started using the conditioner. Now that I've been using this for a while, my hair is used to the products and it's fine with shampoo only. If I have a bit of frizz I just run some moisturizer through it if I don't use the cider..

Keep in mind that there are natural shampoos and conditioners out there that you don't have to make yourself, and maybe you'll love them! I haven't tried this one, but I've heard great things about Calia Natural, and I'm sure you can find other awesome alternatives at Whole Foods or a local health foods store.

Also, remember that making your own products means that they're totally customizable to you! There are many ways to make shampoo and conditioner, this is just what I first came up with after doing a bit of research.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this and come back for more!