Cocoa Butter Soap Bar

An easy way to make your very own bar soap using a melt-and-pour soap base and dried herbs.


You'll Need

Natural Cocoa Butter Melt-And-Pour Soap Base

Dried Herbs (I used chamomile tea bags.)

Pot & Bowl

Soap Mold or Container & Wax Paper

How To

Fill a pot with approximately 1/4 part water and set it on the stove. Place a glass or metal bowl that fits into the rim of the pot inside. We're basically creating a double boiler here. Depending on how much soap you want to make, add the soap base into the bowl and turn on the flame. 

Allow the soap base to melt in the bowl completely. Stir it in between. During this time, get your soap mold ready, or do what I did - find a small baking pan or dish and use wax paper to cover the interior. This way, when the soap is finished you'll be able to lift it out of the pan by the wax paper. Don't worry if the pan is larger than the size soap you want to make. You can cut it into bars at the end.

When the soap base is melted and smooth, turn off the flame and carefully lift the bowl out of the pan with heat protective mits. Pour the soap into either mold that you have and add in dried herbs of your choice. I just poured in a couple chamomile tea bags to keep it simple!

Let the soap set for a few hours, checking on it sporadically, and then pop it out of the container when it's fully hardened. If you used the mold method that I did, peel the wax paper off after removing it from the pan and cut around the edges to make it a perfect soap bar shape. Then, cut it into however many halves you like; I cut mine into three bars. 

Wrap your soap bars and give them as gifts or save them for yourself! The chamomile creates a nice exfoliating surface and makes it smell like a cup of tea, while the cocoa butter makes a moisturizing lather.

This is very cost-effective and a great alternative to other soap bars that contain harsh ingredients. (Be sure to look for a melt-and-pour soap base that contains natural ingredients. You can find these many places online like amazon.)

I hope you enjoyed this and give it a try! It's really fun to make and even more exciting to use. Thank you so much for checking this out!