Rosemary Olive Salve

Made with ingredients for hair and skin repair, this is a lovely treatment for daily healing. 



3 Teaspoons Coconut Oil

3 Teaspoons Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon Jojoba Oil

1 Teaspoon Beeswax

1/4 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

Dried Rosemary

How To

Create a double boiler by filling a pot with about 1/4 part water and place a metal or glass bowl inside of it. The bowl should ideally fit the rim of the pot so it's not sitting in the water. 

Add the coconut oil and beeswax into the bowl with dried rosemary leaves. Let the wax and oil melt down initially at medium heat. This should take about 10-15 minutes. Then, turn the heat down low, add in the olive oil and jojoba oil, and let the herb fuse into the mixture. I let my oils sit for about 45 minutes to an hour. (If you don't want to do it this way, you can skip this step and add in 10-15 drops of rosemary essential oil later.) During this time, prepare a storage jar for the salve. 

When the aroma smells ready, turn the heat off. Make sure the wax and oils didn't set with low heat, otherwise turn it higher for a minute to make sure everything is seamlessly melted. Then, use a cheesecloth or remove the rosemary leaves with a utensil. If you didn't use dried herbs, add in the essential oil at this time, along with vitamin E oil. Stir this together and then pour it into a storage jar to settle. 

When it becomes beautifully solidified, be sure to put a nice dent into it! This salve is so lovely and smooth; it's perfect for moisturizing and it's jam packed with healing benefits.



Coconut oil is a rich moisturizer suitable for a variety of skin types. It's antibacterial, anti-fungal, and contains antioxidants. It makes a wonderful, deep hair conditioner that will help strengthen, thicken, detangle, and promote hair growth. 

Olive oil contains antioxidants that provide healthy and youthful skin. It replenishes the skin cells, improves skin elasticity, and provides an environmental shield. For hair, olive oil adds shine, length, strength, and ample moisture to beat dry hair and flaky scalps. 

Jojoba oil is much like a wax in texture. It contains antibacterial properties and antioxidants for acne healing. This oil relates best with the sebaceous glands and is easily absorbed into the skin. It keeps hair follicles healthy and able to grow, and makes a great conditioner. 

Beeswax seals, moisturizes, and protects the skin without clogging pores and causing irritation. It contains vitamin A to help soften the texture and nourish the cells. Beeswax can decrease hair loss and will also lock in moisture. 

Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants that will help preserve this salve. It improves skin elasticity, clarity, and texture. Vitamin E promotes healthy follicles for hair growth and repair. 

Rosemary promotes healthy skin and scalp. It's helpful in treating acne and growing hair. 

How To Use

Apply it as needed to skin. Use a pea-size amount through damp hair. Add carefully to dry hair to avoid oily residue.

Thank you so much for reading!