Facial Pampering Routine

This is what I like to do when my skin needs a good bit of pampering.


1. Brush Teeth

This is always the first step to feeling clean and refreshed. I make toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda, and alcohol-free, food-grade peppermint oil. The texture and taste of this paste is definitely different than generic toothpaste, but it works great and becomes more familiar after each use.


2.  Scrub

I use sugar, sea salt, or almond flour to make scrubs. Adding in essential oils or herbs, like dried lavender or a tea blend, gives it awesome benefits! My skin feels amazing and looks polished after this step. 


3. Cleanse 

Liquid castile soap is a great ingredient to have in my cabinet because I can use it for so many things. Right now I'm using a cleanser that I made with peppermint castile soap and raw honey. I love it!


4. Clay Mask

My recent favorite masks are clay + water + rosemary essential oil or raw honey. I use both a few times a week.


5. Toner

Cucumber witch hazel (without alcohol) has been my go-to lately. It's so cooling and refreshing; perfect to use after rinsing off a clay mask. Witch hazel has worked wonders on my skin.  


6. Hydrate

After all these steps, I love finishing off with a moisturizer or serum. My recent favorite is the ginger coconut oil from a brand called Organic to Green. This is the perfect end note. 


What are your favorite ways to pamper your skin?