Botanical Skin Scrub

I love to make scrubs because they make my skin happy + it's fun! Here's how I do it. 


1. Base

I usually always go for sugar, but sometimes I use salt or almond flour. Sugar has a good feel, about medium roughness. Salt is a little rougher, but I like it if I have breakouts. Sea salt helps with that. And almond flour is the most gentle of the three. If my skin is feeling sensitive and I don't want to do too much, almonds are the perfect texture. 


2. Botanicals

AH! My favorite part. This brings lots of benefits into the treatment. I love adding dried herbs, like lavender, or even tea blends. Sometimes I'll use essential oils, too, making sure to dilute them properly in the amount of carrier oil I use. 


3. Grind 

I find that grinding the ingredients with a mortar and pestle makes it much more gentle. It also helps to break down the botanicals and blend everything together. 


4. Oil

I pretty much always use coconut oil, or I'll use a coco oil for extra botanical benefits. Other oils I like to use are grapeseed, jojoba, and sometimes olive. If I plan to store it, vitamin e oil provides additional antioxidants for shelf life. 


5. Store

A jar works perfectly. I keep it in the shower for face and body use!


It's so easy to make a natural scrub with plant ingredients and it's a great skin treatment. I love trying out different recipes, botanicals, oils, and ratios to create unique products. It's such a creative experience!