Happy Digestion + Anti-Inflammatory Water


I love to drink this green water first thing in the morning for refreshment, digestion, and less inflammation. 


These ingredients + water + strain until smooth


1. Cucumber

Cucumber has a refreshing taste and it's a great source of antioxidants. It's also a cleansing food - good for the GI tract - as it helps remove toxins and reduce constipation. Can't leave out that cucumber is an anti-inflammatory food, too. (Dr. Axe)


2. Celery

Celery gives the drink, as my mom would say, the flavor of the front lawn, but it's a perfect addition to this mixture. It's made of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and is packed with essential nutrients that help regulate metabolism and the digestive system. (Dr. Axe)


3. Ginger

One of my pharmacopoeia professors stressed that there is always room for more ginger in the body. Since then, I've been using it as a regular treatment. It can be used to relieve nausea or constipation and is also anti-inflammatory. It's a prebiotic - encouraging the presence of healthy bacteria in the GI tract - which is important for gut health. Ginger is also good for reducing pain, inflammation, in the body. (Dr. Axe


4. Turmeric 

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory food. It contains curcumin - the power behind it - which is a great alternative treatment for chronic pain. (Dr. Axe)


While I just highlighted reasons these ingredients are anti-inflammatory and beneficial to the digestive system, they have plenty more nutritional value. And remember that what's put in the body will radiate without - so these foods also contribute to healthy skin, and a healthy body overall. 


To make this water, I use about 1 whole cucumber, 3-6 pieces of celery, a handful of ginger, and roughly 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Blend with 8-10oz of water and pass through a strainer a couple of times to remove pulp.


Comment your favorite natural anti-inflammatory + easy digestion remedies below!