A Fresh Start

I was beginning to feel less inspired to create, sometimes bored by the way things were looking. Composing a new style for Birdhouse Bohemians has brought back the motivation with a punch and I couldn't be more excited about it. 

I find so much peace in doing this. It's a place that I come to when I need to relax or stimulate my mind in a positive way. Changing things up is refreshing; I'm happy to bring new content. 

Starting a blog has been an interesting experience so far. It's nice because I can use it creatively in so many ways, but I can also just talk about anything that's on my mind, or share ideas and products that I love.

I don't expect that anyone will read what's on here, but it's pretty cool to just sit and write for the fun of it. If you read my posts - thank you so much. I hope you enjoy! 

: )


Amanda OrtizComment