Organic To Green

Finding all-natural beauty brands that I like isn't always the easiest. I'm picky about ingredients - very picky.

Organic to Green is a brand that I've loved for many years, and still love! They recently launched a line of coco oils + other products, however, I'm going to focus on these. 

The packaging is clean and pretty, the products are high quality, and the uses are endless. 



pure, organic, liquid coconut oils with botanical extracts & essential oils


Unique Properties:

never solidify + long shelf life



use alone or mix with other products


Why I Love Them:

versatile, simple, easy to use, travel-friendly, amazing ingredients, multi-purpose, affordable, convenient 


Skin Reaction:

my skin is sensitive and these work great because they're gentle and quickly absorbed


Coco Oils:

rose, jasmine ylang ylang, vanilla chamomile, ginger, (lemon + unscented also available)


Rose + Anti-Aging

Key Ingredients - coconut oil, rose fruit oil, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil

Benefits - reduces scars + fine lines, corrects dark spots, protects and hydrates the skin, contains antioxidants, antibacterial

Recommended - night cleanser or serum booster

I love the smell & it's a lovely addition to my facial cleanser.


Jasmine Ylang Ylang + Moisturizing 

Key Ingredients - coconut oil, Icelandic moss, watermelon fruit extract, green tea extract, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil

Benefits - protects, soothes, moisturizes, reduces redness, improves aged or stressed skin, contains antioxidants

Recommended - mix with rose oil for night serum or with makeup for dewy glow

This is the first version I tried and loved. I think it's great for making scrubs to add in extra moisture.


Vanilla Chamomile + Sensitive & Soothing

Key Ingredients - coconut oil, chamomile, aloe, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil, calendula

Benefits -  hydrates, soothes, moisturizes, heals sensitive skin; treats dandruff, psoriasis, acne, sunburn, aging, redness, inflammation, stress

Recommended - afternoon makeup remover or menstrual cramp reliever 

I love using it before washing my face to remove makeup.


Ginger + Healing

Key Ingredients - coconut oil, ginger, sea buckthorn, cherimoya, aloe, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil

Benefits - hydrates, heals, reduces scars and cellulite, promotes hair growth, anti-inflammatory, protects, contains antioxidants; treats dandruff, skin injury, sunburns, abrasions 

Recommended - mix with lemon for sensitive or sunburned skin + use for rashes

This is my absolute favorite coco oil! I use it everyday to moisturize my skin. Love love love it. 


Final Thoughts

I can't say that I love these enough! They really are amazing and so handy to have around. I use them for many purposes - they're great because I can add them to my handmade products or use them alone. The ingredients and botanical benefits are incredible + 10% of all proceeds go towards climate change. I just love everything about this brand!


Other Products

The CLEAN hand sanitizer is my go-to everyday. It's the best. Seriously. It doesn't leave a residue after use and it has an amazing lavender + lemon scent. Also, it can be used on surfaces, even dental products. I've gone through a few bottles of this already because I always pick it up. My favorite uses are for my hands of course, and also my skin care dishes, tools, and storage containers. 

I love using the Rainforest scrub, Arctic moisturizer, and lately I've been using the Air spray during every shower. There's not one product from this line I wouldn't recommend. It's amazing!



ulta beauty website or organic to green website


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Watch how I use these products and hear about my love for them here