Hi there,

My name is Amanda (mostly just Mandy) and I'm so happy you're here. Thank you so much for taking a moment to visit this site; I really hope you enjoy the content!

I was inspired to do this because I love building websites for some reason, and taking photos is fun, but most importantly, I wanted to learn and make positive changes in my life. Writing about it along the way, sharing with others, has become my outlet to better habits and a greater understanding of holistic living. 


I struggle with anxiety. It's one of the most difficult battles for me. I don't live 100% clean, green, or natural. My food choices aren't as best as they can be. Exercise is always the last thing on my mind. I'm full of imbalances and imperfections - this is my motivation.


This year I began a master's program for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and a metamorphosis came to challenge my mind. Studying herbs and the ancient perspective of the body is bringing new light to my view on nature's role in health, longevity, and everyday wellness.

To cultivate the best version of ourselves, mindfulness, patience, creativity, and holistic alternatives are needed as daily nourishment. To help others, helping ourselves must happen first. 

Now on a path to becoming a licensed practitioner of natural medicine, the shell is just cracking enough for me to realize how important it is to transform my own life. 


One of the most interesting uses I've found for botanicals and natural ingredients is skin care. It's peace of mind knowing exactly what's being absorbed into the body, and also a very mellow process of creating.

I love formulating treatments with real things. Spending the time to specially select ingredients and then using the product allows me to identify with each piece of nature I included in that recipe. That connection brings out a true feeling of beauty. 

Here, I'll share about my experiences and thoughts, and I hope to relate to you with my many interests along the way. 

Best always,




Please do not take any information from this site as medical advice. This blog is solely for the purpose of interest. Always try things with caution, do your own research, form your own opinions, and consult with a healthcare professional beforehand if necessary - complete responsibility is yours. 2017 AO