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Welcome to Birdhouse Bohemians - a blog that focuses on natural living, homemade beauty, and holistic approaches. 



If you're wondering how this all began, my bunny, Chase (holding me, Mandy, in the photo above), inspired me to start writing about my ideas and creations. We have two, little green budgies named Quasi Moto and Daisy, who played a role in the naming of this blog. One day, I looked around and saw their big birdhouse in our bohemian-style room - boom. Birdhouse Bohemians it became. 

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Daisy & Quasi Moto

(We love Adam Sandler movies. Have you seen Mr. Deeds? Quasi got his name from a funny line in that one. And Daisy... she's just a pretty, little flower budgie.)


I spent some time thinking about what I want this platform to be and this is what I wrote down:

Throughout my own journey of creating a healthful life, I'll share my thoughts, experiences, and ideas in a relaxed and relatable way. Readers will learn that I'm an average person with struggles, imperfections, and imbalances. This blog isn't to imply that I live completely natural and holistic - because I don't -, but it will encourage and inspire me to continue learning, transforming, and choosing mindful options while writing, researching, and sharing with others. 

So there it is.  I'm Mandy; a full-time student with an interest in natural and holistic living. I struggle with healthy habits, anxiety, and I don't live 100% clean, green, and natural. I hope I can relate to you along my journey. I have a lot of ideas for this website, including a market that's coming soon. Thank you so much for taking a moment to visit, I hope you enjoy and I look forward to connecting with you more!


Please take note that I'm not a professional and what works for me may not work for everyone. Do not take any information from this site as medical advice. Be careful when trying new things, read labels and cautions, do your own research, and trust your personal opinion ⎯ complete responsibility is yours. Thank you for understanding.